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Thurlby Community Primary School

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The Governing Body of this school consists of:

  1 LA Governor (appointed by LA)
  4 Co-opted Governors (appointed by Governors)
  5 Parent Governors (appointed by parent election)
  1 Staff Governor (appointed by staff election)
  The Headteacher  (except at any time when he has given written notice to the Clerk to the Governing Body   of the School that he chooses not to be a governor).

Sub committees consist of:

Finance Committee:  Chair - Mrs J Hayball, Mr P Biddlecombe, Mrs K Martin, Mrs M Ogden, Mrs J Willis

Headteacher Performance Management : Mrs J Willis, Mrs R Bell, Mrs K Martin

Data Group: Mrs M Ogden, Mrs J Willis, Mr S Blake, Mrs J Lord, Mrs J Hayball

Please see below our full list of Governors who have served during the last 12 months and their areas of responsibility, where applicable:-


Mrs Joanne Lord (English/Looked After Children/Data)


Mrs Jane Hayball (Chair Full Governing Body/Chair Finance/Data)
Mr Paul Biddlecombe (Finance)
Mrs Maggi Ogden (Vice Chair/Maths/Finance/Data/Safeguarding)
Mrs Kirsty Martin (Foundation/NQT/Finance/Healthy Schools/HT Performance Mgmt) 

Mr Stuart Blake  (Data)
Mr Ben Robinson
Mrs Rebecca Bell (Link/SEND/HT Performance Mgmt)
Mrs Jane Willis (Finance/HT Performance Mgmt/Data)
Mr Tim Bairsto

Mrs Aeveen Oke (English KS1, Finance, HT Performance Mgmt/Data) Term of office ended 02/09/16


Mrs Sophie Fawcett
Miss Janette Fytche  Term of office ended 31/10/2016

Mr Graham Clegg      

Mrs Bridget Pengelly    

Governors' terms of office and governor attendance at meetings:-

2016 - 2017

2015 - 2016 

Governors' attendance at the Finance Sub Committee meetings:-

2016 - 2017

2015 - 2016